8 Essential Tips for Conserving Water This Summer 

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Summer is a time when many aim to lower their water usage and water bills whilst also reducing their carbon footprint. However, this time of the year, the challenge of water conservation is a little difficult. Luckily, Gahanna Plumbing & Drain is here with eight practical, tried-and-true methods to help you not only cut back on water usage but also still be able to maintain the beauty of your home and garden without sacrificing your comfort.  

Using a Bowl to Rinse Your Produce  

Rinsing your produce thoroughly is so important. Many like to wash and rinse their fruits and vegetables by holding each piece under running water. Instead, we suggest that you rinse them in a large bowl instead of under running water. Not only does this method save water, but the rinse water can also be reused to hydrate your indoor plants. It’s a win-win situation for your water usage and your house plants! 

Cutting Back on Hand Washing Your Dishes  

While therapeutic for some, handwashing dishes may not always be the most water-efficient. When you hand wash dishes, it can actually use up to 20 gallons of water. However, up-to-date, energy-friendly dishwashers often use less water. If handwashing is necessary, avoid leaving the tap running.  

Planning Your Meals in Advance  

Plan your meals instead of time. Keep in mind that thawing your frozen goods in the fridge overnight and ahead of time instead of under running water is a safe way to thaw and practice water conservation.  

Being Wary of Your Laundry Habits  

  • Wash full loads only – Washing full loads instead of partial, small loads at one time can really aid in cutting back on your water consumption. 
  • Avoid the permanent-press setting – This setting requires an additional rinse cycle, which means more water usage. So, unless you have a specific garment that must be washed with this particular setting, try to avoid this setting when you can. 

Timing Your Garden Watering 

You should opt to water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening to minimize water evaporation. This method is simple yet effective and also ensures that water reaches the roots, where it’s needed most for your plants. 

Investing in a Pool Cover  

If you own a pool, covering it when it’s not being used can significantly aid in slowing down the evaporation process, ultimately lessening your water usage. In addition, it also keeps your pool clean, and lessens the need for chemicals.  

Using Mulch on Your Garden Beds  

Heavily applying a healthy layer of mulch on your garden beds not only helps with weed control but also retains soil moisture, which reduces the need for constant watering.  

Repairing Leaky Fixtures Immediately  

A seemingly innocuous task that can aid in your water-saving endeavors is fixing any leaky fixtures or running toilets immediately. When you let a dripping tap or leaky toilet go unchecked, it will continue to waste water over long periods of time. So, regular inspections and prompt repairs can save a lot of water.  

By embracing these recommendations, you can significantly reduce your water use this summer. Remember, saving water is not just an act of environmental stewardship; it also eases the burden on your budget. Enjoy the full bloom of your garden and the comfort of your home with the peace of mind of knowing you are making a positive environmental impact. 

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